je suis ici.

Nap time! Guess I actually do like this guy just a little. Who have I become?? (Taken with Instagram)

Bands are made by being in Apple commercials. That makes a band go from nothing to huge. They have more power than any label. It’s insane.

Remember me? I’ve gotten so much bigger! (Taken with Instagram)

Clearly I have an unnatural love for these little guys. I’m up to 8 total. Excited for roommate to move out so I can put them all over the apt without his allergy complaints

John Goodman makes a good Colonel 

Voila! Sneaky cat, huh?

Much needed art day. Swirl drying on one, splatter on the other. Next is fun sketchy time. Hopefully I don’t eff it up.

Looks like my succulent is growing something! (Taken with Instagram)

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